Husk & Stem launches the world’s first organic hemp weave chef jacket

    Husk & Stem


    Made in Romania but supplied online – so global suppliers of chef workwear for male or female chefs


    We supply sustainable chef workwear.

    The worlds first 85% organic hemp weave and 10% organic hemp knit and 10% organic cotton. Packed with lots of added features.

    Created by a yacht chef the best way to describe the product is using a comment from a chef who has used it..

    I first saw the design of the cuisine tunic from Husk and Stem early 2016 and thought “i have to have one”.. the cut and shape is fantastic, being created by a chef it has everything you would expect from a quality chefs jacket however there is more to this jacket that meets the eye….. most importantly its sustainably made from pure organic hemp and really comfortable to wear.

    This product is made with care and beautifully tailored by expert hemp weavers in Romania.

    Your team what ever the level will treasure their Husk and Stem work product, i know i do….from the simple skull cap or aprons ( coming very soon) to the chefs tunic that i use every day…. 

    The product from Husk and Stem are hard wearing, wash well and importantly are strong and durable

    Enjoy your tunic…

    Tim Bouget , chef and co-owner Ode True Food

    Devon, United Kingdom

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